FEATURES AND TV MOVIES (Listed Alphabetically by Composer)
Daddy's little Girl Alan Sylvestri Weintraub Ent.
Shadow of a doubt Allyn Ferguson CBS
Cobs Law Allyn Ferguson Ferguson Ent.
Wind Runner Arthur Kempel Leucadia Films
The Arrival Arthur Kempel Heatwave Prod
Man in Cement Artie Kane Fricon Ent.
Smoke Signals B.C. Smith
Around the Fire B.C. Smith
The Pebble and the Penguin Barry Manilow Sutherland / Bluth
Thumbelina Barry Manilow / Artie Butler Sutherland / Bluth
All Dogs Go To Heaven Two Barry Mann  Cynthia Weils Mark Watters MGM
I Love You Perfect Bob Cobert ABC Circle Films
Flash Bruce Rowland Walt Disney
Zeus and Roxanne Bruce Rowland Price Productions
Raising the Mammoth Charley Barnett PBS
Rich Men Single Women Charlie Fox Aaron Spelling
Virtuosity Christopher Young Paramount
Jennifer Eight Christopher Young Paramount
Dream Lover Christopher Young Propaganda Films
Sliver Christopher Young Paramount
Christopher Columbus Cliff Eidelman Universal
A Hollywood Marriage Craig Safan CBS
Miracle at Clements Pond Craig Safan Disney
Live Wire Craig Safan New Line Cinema
Soul Survivor Daniel Licht Artison
Ring of Fire Daniel Licht
Don't Look Under the Bed Daniel Licht Disney
Thinner Daniel Licht Aaron Spelling
Hellraiser IV Daniel Licht Miramax
Zooman Daniel Licht Showtime
A Woman Undone Daniel Licht Showtime
Children or the Corn Daniel Licht Dimension
Bad Moon Daniel Licht Morgan Creek
Follow that Sleigh Dave Fisher
The Heidi Chronicles David Shire TNT
Remember (Mini series) David Shire CBS
Heartbeat David Shire Interlock
Sarah Part II David Shire Hallmark
Janes House David Shire Aaron Spelling
The Companion David Shire
Once in a Lifetime David Shire NBC
One Night Stand David Shire Interlock
A Father for Charlie David Shire Interlock
Nightmare in the Daylight David Shire Interlock
The John Lennon Story Dennis McCarthy ABC
Countdown to Invasion Dennis McCarthy Paramount
Letters from a Killer Dennis McCarthy Noteman
Overkill Dennis McCarthy Noteman
The Barbera Mandrell Story Dennis McCarthy Noteman
Star Trek The Next Generation     Final two hour episode Dennis McCarthy Paramount
Star Trek "Deep Space Nine"             Final two hour episode Dennis McCarthy Paramount
True Romance Dennis McCarthy Hallmark
Hollowland Dennis McCarthy Noteman
Dieing to Live Dennis McCarthy Noteman
Hit and Run Dennis McCarthy TFC-Noteman
In My Sisters Shodow Dennis McCarthy Noteman
Breastman Dennis McCarthy HBO
Erica French Dennis McCarthy Hearst Ent
Loves Deadly Triangle Dennis McCarthy Noteman
The Care and handling of Roses Dennis McCarthy CBS
Other Families Secrets Dennis McCarthy Universal
Bed of Lies Dennis McCarthy NBC
Inflammable Dennis McCarthy Noteman
The Colony Dennis McCarthy Universal
In the Name of Love - A Texas Tragedy Dennis McCarthy
The Queen of Mean Dennis McCarthy HBO
Staying Afloat Dennis McCarthy NBC
Little Rock Dennis McCarthy
Des Ja Vue Gaili Schoen Sony 
Bump in the Night Gary Friedman CBS
St. Francis Hotel Gary Friedman
Black Sheep George Foster Paramount
Substitute Gerald Gouriet Wilshire Court
Rubdown Gerald Gouriet Wilshire Court
Dance with a white Dog Gerald Gouriet
Angel Town Gil Karson Imperial
Tweeeties High Flyin' Adventure J. Eric Schmidt Warner Bros
Linda McCartney Biography J. Peter Robinson
World War III J. Peter Robinson
Dear God James Patrick Dunn    Jeremy Lubbock Paramount
Every Dog Has It's Day James Wesley Stempel Red Dog Films
Panama James Wesley Stempel National Geographic
Heroes of the High Frontier - Canopy James Wesley Stempel National Geographic
Maria and Jose Jasper Randall AFI
Mrs. Santa Claus Jerry Herman / Larry Blank Hallmark
Shiloh Joel Goldsmith Warner Bros
Kull the Conqueror Joel Goldsmith Universal
Path to 9/11 John Cameron Walt Disney
night Divers John Caruso Chanticleer
Mojave Moon John Caruso
Relic John Debney Paramount
Henry Poole Was Here John Frizzell
Prize Winner of Defiance Ohio John Frizzell Go Fish Pictures
Gods and Generals John Frizzell Turner Pictures
Ghostship John Frizzell Warner Bros
Cradle to the Grave John Frizzell Warner Bros
Thirteen Ghosts John Frizzell Warner Bros
Josie and the Pussycats John Frizzell Warner Bros
The James Dean Story John Frizzell Turner
Office Space John Frizzell
Crime of the Century John Frizzell HBO
Rich Mans Wife John Frizzell Hollywood/Disney
The Empty Mirror John Frizzell W.W. Films
Oppisite Corners John Frizzell
Crime of the Century John Frizzell HBO
Beavis and butthead John Frizzell Universal
Eath Ring John Massari Trans Atlantic
No tomorrow Jose Hering P.M. Entertainment
Big Bad John Ken Sutherland Red River Films
Liz Ken Thorne
Not Easily Broken Kurt Farquhar ABMG
Cover Kurt Farquhar ABMG
Obsession Lee Holdridge Peter K. Duchow Ent.
Mrs. Munck Leonard Rosenman Showtime
The West Side Waltz Leonard Rosenman Fricon Ent.
Marriett in Ecstasy Leonard Rosenman Price Productions
Mother Marc Shaiman Paramount
First Wives Club Marc Shaiman Paramount
Brothers Keeper Marco Beltrami CBS
Son fo Darkness Mark McKenzie / Cliff Eidelman 20th Century
Babes in Toyland Mark Watters MGM
Leap of Faith Meat Loaf - Jim Steinman Paramount
Excessive Force Mike Melvoin
Complex of Fear Nan Schwartz CBS
The Pentagon Papers Norman Corbeil Paramount
Indecent Proposal    (Sheena Easton) Patrice Rushen Paramount
Run for the Dream Pete Anthony HBO
When We Were Young Peter Matz HBO
The Only Thrill Peter Rogers Melnick
The Josephine Baker Story Ralph Burns HBO
Burt Rugby  Ralph Burns Lorimar
Living in Peril Randy Miller Green Comm. / Miramax
Karen Carpenter Story Richard Carpenter Weintraub Ent.
Serious Money Scott Grusin Wanrner Bros
Relentless Scott Grusin Cinetel
Booze Can Scott Grusin Cinetel
Lord of Illusion Simon Boswell MGM/UA
Comment ma mere accoucha de Moi durant sa Menopause  Simon Leclerc
Memoires de la Terre - Frederich Bach Simon Leclerc
Earth Girls are Easy Steven Brey Inaudible
One False Move Terry Plumeri IRS Media
Sometimes They Come Back Terry Plumeri Solson/Murphy
Dangerous Touch Terry Plumeri Cinetel
Breach of Cunduct Terry Plumeri Universal
Maddog Coll Terry Plumeri 21st Century
Final Judgement Terry Plumeri Concord
Step Monster Terry Plumeri Concord
White Wolves Terry Plumeri Concord
Hit the Dutchman Terry Plumeri 21st Century
Terror Within Terry Plumeri Concord
Crackdown Terry Plumeri Kings Ent.
Lower Level Terry Plumeri Carolco
Raging Angel Terry Plumeri
Night Eyes Three Terry Plumeri Carolco
Soldier Boyz Terry Plumeri Motion Picture Corp
Diamond Backs Terry Plumeri
P.C.H. Tim Jones
The Snow Child Tim Jones
The Velvet side of Hell Tim Jones Universal
The Joy Luck Club Van Dyke Parks Paramount
TELEVISION   (Listed Alphabetically by Composer)
Mr. Belvedere Ben Lanserone Fox
Wings Bruce Miller Paramount
Designing Women Bruce Miller Columbia TV
Frazier Bruce Miller Paramount
Hears Afire Bruce Miller Harlin
Mars Base One Charlie Fox ABC
Paridise Chris Klateman Lorimar
Cheers Craig Safan Paramount
Shangri La Plaza Craig Safan CBS
Life Goes On Craig Safan
Sabrina the Teenage Witch Danny Lux Paramount
Sliders Danny Lux Universal
P.S. I Love You Dave Fisher
Sisters David Benoit CBS
Clueless David Kitay Paramount
Brewster Place David Shire / Patrice Rushen King Phoenix
Star Trek - Voyager Dennis McCarthy  Paramount
Star Trek - Deep Space Nine Dennis McCarthy  Paramount
Star Trek - The Next Generation Dennis McCarthy  Paramount
Get Real Dennis McCarthy  Fox
Dawson Creek Dennis McCarthy  noteman
Player Dennis McCarthy  Universal
Deadly Games Dennis McCarthy  Viacom
Parker Lewis Dennis McCarthy  Columbia TV
Girdland Dennis McCarthy  Columbia TV
Round Table Dennis McCarthy  Aaron Spelling
Mancuso FBI Dennis McCarthy  NBC
Eddy Dodd Dennis McCarthy  Columbia TV
Life Stories Dennis McCarthy  Noteman
Bugs 50th Dennis McCarthy  Noteman
AFI Awards Dennis McCarthy  Noteman
Peoples Choice Awards Dennis McCarthy  Noteman
Star Trek - Enterprise Dennis McCarthy, Paul Baillergeon, John Frizzell, Mark McKenzie Paramount
Matlock Dick Debenedictus Viacom
Sibs George Clinton Columbia TV
Three Greg Debelles Paramount
American Teacher Awards Ina Fraser Disney
Disneyworlds 20th Ina Fraser Disney
Milly Ina Fraser Blake Edwards
Sylvester and Tweety J. Eric Schmidt Warners
Grammys Jack Elliot Pierre Cossette
Angela Landsbury Christmas Special Jerry Herman CBS
Malibu Jimmy Hammer Fox
Hears are Wild John Davis Aaron Spelling
Sisters John Debney Warners
Loonie Tunes John Frizzell Warners
The Visitor Kevin Kiner Peter Engle Prod
One on One Kurt Farquhar
Soul Food Kurt Farquhar
King of Queens Kurt Farquhar
Gas Kurt Farquhar
Dance 360 Kurt Farquhar
The Parkers Kurt Farquhar Fox
Smart Guy Kurt Farquhar Disney
Matt Watters Kurt Farquhar Columbia TV
Moesha Kurt Farquhar Fox
Under one Roof Kurt Farquhar
Sister-Sister Kurt Farquhar Paramount
Sinbad Kurt Farquhar Columbia TV
South Central Kurt Farquhar Fox
ned and Stacey Kurt Farquhar
Def Comedy Kurt Farquhar
C. Bear Kurt Farquhar
Siverstone Kurt Farquhar Paramount
The Kirk Franklin show Kurt Farquhar Universal
Cousin Skeeter Kurt Farquhar Disney
All of Us Kurt Farquhar
Family Film Awards Lenny Stack Disney
Baywatch Little Richard Broucek / Klean
Chip and Dale Mark Mueller Disney
Saturdays Mike Flicker / Bill Elliot
Black Jack Savage Mike Post Cannell
Wiseguy Mike Post    Cannell
Palace Guard Mike Post / Frank Denson Interlock
Quantum Leap Mike Post / Ray Bunch Universal
L.A. Law Mike Post / Ray Bunch Fox
Hunter Mike Post / Walter Murphy Cannell
Jacks Place Patrice Rushen King Phoenix
Orleans Ray Templeton and the Chicagoens Paramount
Tracey Ullman Richard Gibbs Fox
Sister Kate Richard Gibbs Fox
Animaniacs Richard Stone / S. Bernstein Warners
Histeria Richard Stone / S. Bernstein Warners
King of the Hill Roger Neil Fox
Fanelli Boys Scott Gayle Disney
Seven Days Scott Gilman Paramount
Pinky and The Brain Steve and July Bernstien Warners
Jag Steve Bramson / Trisha Yearwood Paramount
Family Matters Steve Chesne Lorimar
Perfect Strangers Steve Chesne Lorimar
The Hogan Family Steve Chesne Lorimar
Thirty Something Stew Levin MGM
Get a Life Stew Levin MGM
Down Home Stew Levin Paramount
Wild Life Wendy Levy Paramount
Lois and Clark William Kidd Warners
Baywatch Nights Broucek / Klean
Hull St. High Disney
Dear John Paramount
Records (Listed Alphabetically by Composer)
I'm So So Glad It's Christmas Aaron Carter  Triad
The Arrival - Soundtrack Arthur Kempel Silva
Smoke Signals - Soundtrack B.C. Smith TVT
Pebble and the Penguin - Soundtrack Barry Manilow Rhino Records
All Dogs Go to Heaven II - Soundtrack Barry Mann / Cynthia Weils / Mark Watters Angel
Carl martin Carl Martin Red Ant
Dream Lover - SoundTrack Christopher Young Koch International Class
Jennifer Eight - Soundtrack Christopher Young RCA
Soul Survivors - Soundtrack Daniel Licht Gold Circle Records
Children of the Corn II - Soundtrack Daniel Licht Dead Line
Thinner - Soundtrack Daniel Licht Varese
Women Undone - Soundtrack Daniel Licht Citadell
Hellraiser IV - Bloodline - Soundtrack Daniel Licht Silva
Zooman - Soundtrack Daniel Licht Citadel
Bad Moon - Soundtrack Daniel Licht Silva
Theme from Star Trek Deep Space Nine Dennis McCarthy GNP-Crescendo
Utilizer - Soundtrack Dennis McCarthy Intrada
Star Trek the Next Generation - Vol II Dennis McCarthy Crescendo
Star Trek the Next Generation - Vol III Dennis McCarthy Crescendo
Steppin' Out Diana Krall Justin Time Records
Once more with Feeling Doc Severinson and the Tonight Show Band Anmherst Records
Au Moment d'etre a vous Isabelle Boulay Sideral
Livin' ain't Easy Jerry Giddens Chameleon
Life in the Moment Jerry Schubert Gallery Records
Kull the Conquerer - Soundtrack Joel Goldsmith Varese Records 
Thirteen Ghosts-Soundtrack John Frizzell Varese Records
Ghostship - Soundtrack John Frizzell
Gods and Generals - Soundtrack John Frizzell Sony
James Dean Story - Soundtrack John Frizzell
Prize Winner of Defiance Ohio- Soundtrack John Frizzell
Julie Andrews - Here I'll Stay - The Words of Alan Jay Lerner Julie Andrews Phillips
Lionel Richey and Pavorotti Lionel Richey
Mother - SoundTrack Marc Shaiman Hollywood
Son of Darkness - To Die for Two - Soundtrack Mark McKenzie Prometheus
Merete Van Kamp Merete Van Kamp EMI
Forever Michael Feinstien Elektra
The Jerry Herman Songbook Michael Feinstien Elektra / Nonesuch
The Burton Lane Songbook Michael Feinstien Elektra / Nonesuch
The Hugh Martin Songbook Michael Feinstien Elektra / Nonesuch
Melissa Ethridge / Michael Feinstein Michael Feinstien Elektra
Oh Baby Mike Melvoin City Light
Unforgettable with Love Natalie Cole Elektra / WEA
Sci-Fi in Hi-Fi Neil Norman GNP-Crescendo
Great Rhythm Page Cavenaugh Trio Caberet Records
Living in Peril - Soundtrack Randy Miller Mega Trax
Sound on Wisconsin Ray Kelley / Various S.O.S
The Windy City Ray Kelley / Various S.O.S
KA   Cirque de Soleil Rene Dupere/Simon Leclerc
No Strings Sheena Easton MCA
Best Ballads Sheena Easton Universal International
Sheena Sheena Easton  MCA
Lord of Illusion - Soundtrack Simon Boswell
Blue in Green Terry Plumeri GMMC
Final Judgement - Soundtrack Terry Plumeri Edel
Stardust and Swing Todd Murray Capitol
Star Trek the Next Generation - Box Various GNP-Crescendo
Greatest Sci-Fi Hits Volume 4 Various GNP-Crescendo
Enterprise Original TV Score - Soundtrack Various Decca
Vickie Carr Vickie Carr Sony
Hard Times Walking Wounded Dr. Dream
The New West Walking Wounded Chameleon
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